GDPR. What is it and how to adapt your website

What is the GDPR and what goes to regulate The General Data Protection Regulation, or the GDPR is the regulation established by the European Commission designed to protect users who provide their personal data, but above all it serves to regulate the use of these same data for different purposes.Breaking and not applying the provisions Read more about GDPR. What is it and how to adapt your website[…]

MDT Restaurant – The new solution for the restaurants to customer management and marketing

In the world of restaurants just one of the aspects evaluated is the collection of statistical data, very useful data for loyalty and marketing campaigns. MDT Restaurant platform is a CRM  for the restaurants.

Lectura Dantis Metelliana. Sito vetrina dell'associazione "Lectura Dantis Metelliana"

Lectura Dantis Metelliana – Site showcase for cultural association with graphics of cartoons of the Divine Comedy

Showcase site commissioned by the Italian association “Lectura Dantis Metelliana”, which deals with reading and commenting on the works of Dante, and in particular the “Divine Comedy“.

Software per la prenotazione di risorse e gestione calendario

SP2CON – System for managing reservations

SP2CON is a software developed on behalf of the Linea Comune S.p.a in collaboration with Brain Computing S.p.a.. The application is web based and it allows the user to book a generic resource made available by the administrator and manage reservations, including through call-center.