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Design and Development of Web Applications

MDT designs and develops Web applications for any kind of requirement in close contact with clients

A web application is a web-based distributed application. This is an application that does not reside on the machine that use the service but on a remote server that could be anywhere. The application is installed on a server and all the other devices (computer, smartphone, etc.) called clients who want to use it via the private network or the Internet.

The use of these applications unlike traditional software, do not require any software distribution, reducing in this way the costs of distribution and maintenance of the application.

Some web applications widespread and those in which MDT has a high experience of implementation are:

  • E-commerce: it is that application through which you can purchase goods and services over the internet managing different types of payment and all commercial documents, such as purchase orders and invoices. E-commerce applications to allow businesses to expand and to enter into a global market.
  • CMS (Content Management System): it is an application that allows the management of any of the content: products, events, articles, news, documents, audio, video, etc.. The CMS allow you to separate the administrator from technical knowledge of programming to modify to your liking the content and organization of websites / web applications.
  • Social Networks: they are applications that allow you to manage networks that are based on social relations. The purpose of these applications is to create a community whose members share common interests and / or content. Some of the most famous examples are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, G+.

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