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Web Marketing

The Web Marketing is the business to make advertising on the channel of the web, studying the market and promoting products and services to be known in the web world and take care of your image. There are different techniques for doing web marketing and MDT provides its experts to provide services:

  • management and implementation of newsletters;
  • management and creation of banners;
  • creation and management of advertising campaigns on major sites for listings (as Google AdWord);
  • ad management and insertion management as a publisher (like Google AdSense);
  • Social Media Marketing to advertise products, services and care of the image on the main social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn);
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimizer or optimizer for the search engines) to give greater visibility to the websites on search engines;
  • statistics and web analytics services to monitor users’ behaviour within the website and advertising campaigns underway.

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