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GDPR. What is it and how to adapt your website

What is the GDPR and what goes to regulate The General Data Protection Regulation, or the GDPR is the regulation established by the European Commission designed to protect users who provide their personal data, but above all it serves to regulate the use of these same data for different purposes.Breaking and not applying the provisions dictated by the GDPD can result in very high fines and can compromise you to… Read More »GDPR. What is it and how to adapt your website
Sistema fotovoltaico

Mo.net – Software for monitoring of photovoltaic systems

Mo.net is web application for monitoring of photovoltaic systems. It has been realized in collaboration with the Intertexta S.r.l. The application is able to monitor multiple systems simultaneously, and displays the information of various sensors installed in the plant. The application is written completely in Java.